Wednesday, 21 October 2009

He Is Our Sunshine

Oh my!

What a day.

My emotions are in shreds.

Work did not present anything out of the ordinary.

My lover and I continue to live together in hippy paradise.

So why the trauma?

Well it started at about 7.50am when I heard on the radio that Gareth Southgate had been sacked last night.

I text my lover to tell him.

Just a bit of football gossip at that stage.

But then it all went horribly wrong when the reply text from my lover indicated that NIGEL PEARSON was rumoured to be a strong contender to replace Southgate.

That would be our NIGEL PEARSON.

The man who has lifted our drooping Fox tails and turned them into proud bushes.

The man who has the capacity to take us into the Premiership, if not this year then next.

I had this sort of sick feeling in my stomach as I read it.

"Noooooooooooooo!", I wanted to scream out loud.

I've been trying to keep an eye on the news all day to see if there was any relief or reassurance.

None came directly, although it has to be said that the news that we are trying to sign Edgar Davids is exciting and a sign that the club is building in confidence and self belief.

So Middlesborough - if you have any heart, listen to this girl's plea.

Please don't take our sunshine away.


paulsc said...

I hadn't heard that about Nigel Pearson and I can't help but feel the same as you do i.e. don't go. As for Edgar Davids, I remember when the rumours went round that Johan Cruyff was on his way to Leicester. We all got excited and then, as you will know, it didn't happen.
Incidentally, Reading season ticket holder because of geography and Leicester remote supporter due to birth; who do I support on Monday? Staying away is not an option.

M.J.Y said...

Just to ease your worries. Milan has announced that Pearson is going nowhere (it can be viewed on my blog) and news breaking today is that G.Strachan should be announced tomorrow as new boro boss

Georgina Best said...

Paulsc: Easy. In such situations Glory Hunting is the name of the game. Go with the team that is going to win. Which is LCFC of course!
M.J.Y.: Phew!!