Thursday, 15 October 2009

He Used To Be A Werewolf But He's Alright Nowooooooooo!

So what is the reason behind the Golden One's new look?

Style statement?

Not sure. I would have expected sharper edges and clearer lines. And less bushiness.

Finished a contract for some advertising company which banned him from having any facial hair and now exercising his freedom?

Don't think it's really his style - do you?

Or maybe he has grown it in readiness to shave it off as part of an advertising campaign?

Or for charity?

No - they don't seem that plausible either. And it doesn't explain the hair.

Maybe it was for a bet? To go along with his 25 to 1 odds of being man of the match (might explain the sighting of Brucie coming out of Paddy Power yesterday).

Actually I do have a theory.

In truth it was my first thought as soon as I saw him last night.

He's really one of these.


Anonymous said...

can you believe a girl is reading about football. lol :) i can't help it i love it!

mandie reed

Georgina Best said...

Hey Mandy. Good to hear from the girls out there. Have a pie on me.