Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Calling All Eco Warriers

I've got a bit of "Eco-warrier" going on at the moment.

I have seen a couple of presentations recently on climate change which have really had an impact.

A light bulb moment.

One delivered by Mr Charlton Athletic in fact.

I've been a bit surprised at how much it has entered my consciousness.

Then, when we had the recent snow, I travelled to work on the train and found I rather liked the experience.

So I have decided to use public transport to travel around for the next couple of months to see how I get on.

I will then review the situation and decide if I could do without my car altogether.

What I like about travelling this way is the time it gives me to please myself.

I can look out of the window and wonder how the Foxes will fare in their next match.

I can talk to other people on the train, especially anyone wearing a football scarf.

Perhaps even get to know some people...........

OK. Maybe not.

I can read the copy of FourFourTwo or WSC I have taken to carrying around with me in my bag.

And who knows? If I travel around long enough I might bump into Bernie.

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