Saturday, 3 April 2010

A girl in the Crowd

Its the old bear tonight. GB's ensconced here. My boy is still staying with us in the cave.

Me and him have been having cook-offs; GB in culinary heaven.

Today, we've been here with my Mum. However. on the way to Bath in the car (quite bizarrely I thought) GB suggested we sang hymns, to see if we remembered any of the words from Easter times gone past.

First kick of the match saw GB singing " there is a green hill far away" to which (because I was both a choir-boy and a member of the Armed Forces) I sang the entire refrain........including the "for he's a jolly good fellow" retort at the end.

Surprisingly perhaps, GB finished the sacred piece with me and we laughed like only daft lovers can.

It was then I realised why she's become so taken with football.

Its because She likes a crowd who sings. She's a joiner-in. She knows all the dirty words. She's a fan

Me, I usually only observe. My sense of self hood threatened by intense displays of emotion, so I watch and make comment.

I envy her the joy of being involved.

We've had a real god day then..............unlike this lot. Probably the decider ?


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