Friday, 23 April 2010

It's Life Jim, But Not As We Know It!

Tonight sees the old bear starting off as the warm up act but GB following quickly up the rear.

Turns out, whilst we're trolling through our newish media system this evening, on a channel called CBS Action, old re-runs of Star Trek are being run. GB to my (very recent) knowledge, is (it seems) a huge fan. So much so, she recognised Spock's Mum in a heartbeat, and then proceeded to tell me the plot of the episode that was on the screen.

GB then let it slip she was in love with Cap't James T Kirk. Groovy huh?

Suddenly then, I'm in love with a fan of serious telly.

Anyway, She's here now.


He's getting far to fond of posting on here that old bear.

Anyway, I've a surprise for you.

Well more of a shock really.

Tomorrow, when my boys are playing Preston North End, I will be at Twickenham.

Watching this lot and this lot chase the egg shaped ball.

It's Luton Andy's birthday.

It's a ball game Jim - but not as we know it.

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