Thursday, 22 April 2010

Life In The Fast Lane

Is a song by the Eagles. And a very under-stated description of my day.

Its the bear again tonight. I asked GB (because I have a short story to tell) if I could have a go and she said yes (somewhat reluctantly I felt)

Anyway....... we're all here at home........Athletico Madrid on the telly V's the reds. Most of you will know I'm a fan. With the lads one nil down in the first 10 minutes, things aren't going well.

Despite having recently retired from mainstream work, today found me learning more about the Government's new initiative in trying to make sense of the nightmare that has become England's regulated Child Maintenance Payments system.

It's dry stuff readers. The guy doing the training did really well to make arid subject matter light and bright.

This northern guy from Sheffield turns out to be a bang at it Utd supporter. A serious season ticket holder. I asked him what he thought of Kevin Blackwell?

He took the view, and I quote " it's all lump it....and hope. The through-ball, the big centre- forward, elbows in the box"

Kick-Run-Fight. Classic English Footy.

I'm sat here watching GB fall asleep in front of LFC (my team) and thinking much the same thing about Raffa's army.

We'll see ......................... £600 Million indeed !


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