Sunday, 18 April 2010

Wordsworth knew a thing or two.

This is HL.

Today was another time out with GB and I, juggling football with the other life. In this case, snaffling wood for the stove and prettifying the Patio. Whilst out wooding, we followed a track road in the car, going back along the route where we saw a large hare yesterday. We went under a narrow bridge (an A road above) full of holiday cars and bikes. As we cleared the bridge, we saw an embankment full of wild flowers fully in bloom. Reds, Pinks, Yellows. A rash of radiance in bright sunlight. We stopped and just looked. Brilliant pickings in a wood followed. (we always argue over which bits to cut with saws, bought from Aldi) Today, a broad mix of various fallen wood. Dry mostly, and easily cut to size in our shed. Back home, GB, a model of sexual modesty played Charlie Dymock on the patio, potting up marigolds for our own, home grown, bit of nature.

In our living room, I watched Arsenal lose any hope they had of winning the Prem this year.

Horses for Courses so to speak.
Anyway, another lovely day in the Cotswold's today although I do feel for the girl. So close, and yet so far in getting to play-off success.

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