Wednesday, 28 April 2010

When The Levee Breaks!

Tells of a time in America when, instead of the dust bowl, rains fell causing the Mississippi Levee to falter and break, causing death and destruction across a huge area. Unless you believe this couple.

Anyway, as with famine or feast, boom or bust, instead of the dearth/poverty/shortage of football experienced last night with only Bayern v's Lyon on, tonight we have GB's favorite Manager playing up to the Camera in way, only he can. What about that Barcelona Stadium !

Sounds of fighting and a man's voice whining.
Georgina here.

I can see I'm going to have to change my password.

So, a match with plenty of drama.

A soft red card, a plethora of yellows, and histrionics enough to fill half a season - and all in 90 minutes.

And centre stage, of course, looking more like a filmstar than any filmstar known to woman, The Special One.

Breaking the rules by coming out of his technical area and talking pitchside to his players.

Pulling faces and making gestures.

Taking on the world and afraid of noone.

(With one exception).

10 minutes to go, and Barcelona are like an army battering a beseiged castle, whose inhabitants successfully repel them each time.

And Mourhino cannot lose.

If his team are defeated they will have put up a brave fight against impossible odds in the face of terrible injustice.

And if they win, he becomes an even greater legend.

It's 90 minutes now and into injury time.

Barca pushing forward yet again.

Inter defending, working as a team.

Barca even have their keeper up.

Oh no!

Oh yes - disallowed.

I'm a neutral. How come my stomach feels so tight?

One and a half minutes left.

Barca throw in.

Ball's out. Barca corner with just seconds to play.

It over!!!!!!!

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