Saturday, 17 April 2010

A Proper Lovely Day

Tonight readers, HL and GB are posting together. HL (Her Lover) is going first and GB (Georgina Best) will respond.

HL's bit

Today saw GB and I, having a time here. GB played glamour model outside new corporate premises whilst I took snaps for the local newspaper. We live on the edge, I can tell you. Anyway, with the radio on in the car, a shared personal device whilst walking around, we kept up to date with, probably, the most remarkable day's football I've witnessed this season. The only thing missing for me, a Liverpool win to make the moment perfect. Our chance on Monday v's The Hammers though.

It's been a proper lovely day.

GB's Bit

It's been a proper lovely day.

I nearly had some new shoes. They were a lush dark pink with a wedge heel. They proved to be faulty, though, so, leaving my lover in the car, I returned them.

When I returned to the car my lover asked me if I wanted the good news or the bad news first.

My disappointment over the shoes did not leave me at my most gracious.

I told him neither.

Characteristically, he told me anyway.

He said Leicester City played a large proportion of their match against Watford with 10 men.

I hoped that was the bad news.

He said the good news was they were 4-1 up.

One more win and we are in the playoffs.

We're going to Wemberley!!

Like we said - it's been a proper lovely day!

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