Thursday, 8 April 2010

Never Mind The B******s Here Comes Steve McClaren

"McClaren" seems to be the name on everyone's lips today.

One, the erstwhile controversial music impresario Malcolm McClaren.

Now amongst friends at the great rock concert in the sky.

The other, Steve McClaren, whom, it seems, we all misjudged.

Could it be another transformation on the scale Beckham managed?

What separates them, of course, is that if David Beckham had been standing beneath that umbrella, he would have managed to look gorgeous.

Whereas somehow you can't imagine the same would be said if Steve McClaren had replaced Becks in as the "face" of Armani.

And if you did imagine that, you would almost certainly wish that image was not in your head.

Wouldn't you?

1 comment:

AbbeyC said...

You weren't the only one although I still can't forgive him for referring to Gerrard as "Stevie G"...