Friday, 30 April 2010

Mission Of Mercy

Is what GB is on tonight. Taking her Mum to the Hospital to visit her dad. Who has re-wired. Long story and GB will explain if she feels able, I'm sure.

I'm sitting in front of the media centre at home, waiting for Fish and Chips to be brought in by GB at 9.30pm.

Anyway, we're off to Dorset tomorrow. The Premiership being settled, whilst GB and I sample the delights of this place.

As a Liverpool fan, I'm a bit sick about last night. Loyal readers will be aware I have posted many times on here saying "I've had it with Rafa"

The tipping point reached, when he ruined Robbie Keane's career because of his silly ego.

Over the years Rafa has been in charge I've been reminded of a little man with high ambition, little talent tbh and an amazing self-belief in something or other. His deeply-seated emotions (the emotions of a man blagging it badly) drive him to make stupid, irreconcilable and ego- driven decisions. A man who I will be glad to see go.

Please the Lord we get someone a bit better.

A man who recognises the history and tradition of LFC. A man who is a great tactician. A man who can make ordinary footballers into real team players and get them believe in an idea, a sociology, a tradition.

Like a lot of armchair pundits, I have rejected quite a few.

Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho being the first candidate........because it would be about him and, whilst he's a great guy, I want more down to earth.

Martin O'Neil is the next one on the death list. He's magic, but I think the pressure would be too much for him.

My hope is Roy Hodgson will be asked to have a go. Is he the man for this job ? Is he the man who can perfom a Mission Of Mercy?

I think he might be. Particularly, if it encourages more of this sort of thing.


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