Sunday, 11 April 2010

The "WOW" Factor

I've experienced the "WOW!!" factor today.

Not in any frivolous way.

But in an "I'm not worthy" sort of way.

A moment when I stood back and looked in admiration at none other than Avram Grant.

There is the fantastic FA Cup Semi-final win today for a start.

A battle in which, as we all know, the adversaries have been far more than simply another football team.

Staring in the face of financial ruin.

The loss of players and management staff.

And through the blizzard Avram Grant has led his troops, like a military hero.

It was an article in The Telegraph, however, with an account of where he draws his inspiration, that particularly moved me.

I anyone ever asked me to name the top 3 people in football I would like to meet, he would definitely be one of them.

He is an inspiration.