Friday, 16 January 2009

Birthday Wishes

It's my birthday today.

Happy Birthday Georgina!

I share my birthday with Martin Jol amongst other footballers.

I've had to work unfortunately (Boo!)

But my dad has now been transferred back to my local hospital which is going to save me a round trip of 70 miles every evening (Hooray!)

And we're having fish and chips from the paper for tea (Hooray!)

And my daughter's coming over to see us (Hooray!)

And I've had some lovely presents - a necklace, some clothes, a bag, some money and some wine to name but a few (Hooray!)

What more could a birthday girl want?

Well a hatrick from Matty Fryatt against Yeovil on Monday would do very nicely thank you.


Riccardo Troiani said...

Hi...nice blog...echange links? i speak about sports...come to citysport and let me know if you are interested in it...

areallaticfromthesouth said...

Happy Birthday Girl..... great news about your Dad and what do you think about the possibility of your hero Matty Fryatt on his way to Wolves?

Georgina Best said...

Hey Riccardo. Welcome! I have linked to your blog.
latic - Thanks. As for MF - I just don't want to talk about it

Derek said...

I get my fish and chips from our local shop. I did not realise that papers sold them. The ones from the Daily Mail would be a little to acid for me if they are anything like the paper. Full of crap and vitriol
Sorry I missed your birthday but belated greetings and don't worry about Matty going to Wolves. He is better off being a big fish in a small pond at Leicester than a nonentity in a club as big as Wolves.