Saturday, 24 January 2009

Conspiracy Theories

Make up your mind 'Arry.

Are you going to field your weakest team today?

Or your strongest team?

Maybe he has so many injuries in the squad they are the same thing anyway.

Or maybe it is a smoke and mirrors move to disguise some cunning plan.

And talking of conspiracy theories - what about Ulrika winning Celebrity Big Brother?

Nominated consistently by her housemates. Long odds of 12/1 to win (compared to Verne who was 5/1). And very very irritating.

So who on earth was voting for her?

What is the demographic that explains that?

Want to know my theory?


Terry Christian (my favourite to win) whom she was up against in the final vote just happens to be a mad bonkers ManUre fan. Famous for it.

So everyone who dislikes the ManUre goes into the Ulrika camp.

Reinforced by Ulrika's Sven connection with their arch rivals Manchester City.

And Ulrika's connection with football generally.

In other words, it was football that made the difference.

She's been planning it for years.

And no-one saw it coming.

You heard it here first.

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