Friday, 9 January 2009

The Untouchable

Seeker of truth and justice?

Or hysterical foreigner?

Wanna know what Georgie thinks?

I think this is a very significant moment. I would go so far as to say a turning point.

And this is why.

Benitez is spot on. Ferguson is a master of his game and he uses every trick in the book.

Of course he manipulates the scheduling process. For sure he encourages players to distract the referee by talking to him.

Why is he so untouchable? Because he is powerful. Powerful through his success brought about by being on top of the game.

But now Benitez has exposed him. We will all be watching him. Looking for the least sign he is up to something.

So his armoury of tricks has been reduced.

He'll have to raise his game.

And I'm not sure he can. Simply because he has already reached his potential.

I predict the ManUre manager's post might be vacant a little sooner than some expect.

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