Sunday, 25 January 2009

Fox 'O Nine Tales

Today my favourite number is 9.

The number has all sorts of significance.

9 was the number that Cristiano Ronaldo picked (allegedly) when he thought he was off to Real Madrid (or are we all supposed to now pretend that didn't happen?).

It's the number Torres wears on his now.

Gerrard, Lampard and Agbonlahor have all scored nine goals this season.

And nine is the number of points Leicester City are ahead in League One.


Derek said...

My favourite number is 69 because it has a french connection and also it is the number of goals Swindon will score this season after the transfer window closes. Did I hear you say "Dream On"?

Derek said...

In view of the latest football gossip, espceially about your beloved Foxes I would imagine your least favourite number is 14.2

paulsc said...

It would seem that Leicester fans favourite number is zero as in nothing, see

Stroud'y ' said...

Loved previous post, it explains so much - saw final and only BB episode at Blows then spent Sunday with Pissy, Spit Roast n Butt the Leicester girls down n dirty in Rutland... Which means I like Leicester too.. My somewhat Sado neighbours herein have no idea of the potential Leicester offers!

Georgina Best said...

Derek: I thought 69 was the number of players you have bought in the transfer window in a desperate attempt to get some results.
Paulsc: I liked the 125 banner one myself.
Stroud'y:Is that Sado as in sadomasochism or Sado as in sad?

M.J.Y said...

Cracking blog (although have only got this far from the most recent blog) came across it through talksport.
Now added to my blogroll and look forward to reading more; especially regarding the mighty FOXES!!!!