Friday, 30 January 2009

Is Mike Parry Basil Brush?

Apologies in advance to any readers who have never listened to Talk Sport.

But I want to tell you about a man I've developed something of a soft spot for.

Mike Parry.

He's an enthusiastic, engaging sort of fellow (despite being an Everton fan).

And I have come to believe he is, in fact, Basil Brush.

My evidence?

Well for a start they both have furry ginger faces.

Their laughs are not dissimilar.

And Mr Parry has a very irritating habit of saying "yes" after every phrase his co-presenter says.

Admittedly he does not have buck teeth.

But looking at them I'm not convinced they are his anyway.

And then of course there are those short arms.

Yep - there's no doubt in my mind.

Mike Parry is definitely Basil Brush.

Although I'm not sure who has their hand up his bottom these days.

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