Monday, 26 January 2009

It Could Have Been Worse

Did you know Leicester City Football club will be 125 next season?

To commemorate, the club allowed fans to choose the shirt, which will be without a sponsorship logo.

There were 4 to choose from but 65% of the fans voted for a blank one.

It's a bit of a blow to my ambitions of course but hey - onwards and upwards. It could have been worse.

No doubt the club will be hoping to sell quite a few to help offset their 14.2 million pound loss last year.

Presumably it will be even worse this year.

There is no doubt about it though. Despite the difficult times we have had over the last couple of years, I have no regrets about choosing the Foxes to support.

On the contrary I thank my lucky stars.

Imagine how much worse it could have been.

What if I had chosen Leeds United or Swindon Town?

I break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.


Mosher said...

...or Newcastle. Urgh.

What gets me is fans know the club is in the red. And then decide to go for a sponsorless shirt for next season which will cost the club money.

Erm... dur?

Stroud'y ' said...

Yes, but shirt will likely commemorate 'The Return'! and without Logo is a shirt to wear out! It will be special and unique in this day and age - should be more expensive too, still some will buy two!? The players can have a LCFC & Sponsors Tattoo in the same place as Georgina - that will sort out the sponsorship & press cover!

M.J.Y said...

Not to forget that the away shirt will have a local charity on it.

Any ideas who you'd like it to be?

Mosher said...

Using the space for a charity is good. But I still think that going without a sponsor is financially bonkers.

Incidentally, aren't they only allowed to change the shirt once every two years? Or have the FA decided not to count sponsor names as part of the design now with all the problems other teams have had? Otherwise they'll be sponsorless for *two* seasons.