Friday, 2 January 2009

A Few Things To Worry About

A fresh new year it may be but these are worrying times if you are a West Ham fan. I get the impression that even selling a sprinkling of players is not really going to touch the sides.

Meantime, Harry Pearson warns of the curse of SASS which has already afflicted several managers this season and could well continue to haunt others.

And Carlos Tevez remains concerned about the shape of his future at the ManUre, despite the odd reassurance. For what it's worth I think Tevez is completely amazing. I am at a loss to understand why he has been sidelined for much of this season - Berbatov or no Berbatov.

Finally, Matty Fryatt is in doubt for Saturday's FA Cup tie against Crystal Palace with a bad ankle. Poor lamb!

But then again what is it they say - cheer up it may never happen?

Which may prove to be right of course.

But then again it may not.

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