Thursday, 22 January 2009

Two Sides To Every Story

Once upon a time there was a parrot called Polly.

A green parrot called Polly.

One day Polly got into terrible trouble.

You see Polly liked to imitate the sounds she heard.

She could mimic a Philips Ladyshave. She knew 27 swear words. And she could repeat "All our operators are busy at the moment. Please call back later" 56 times before she got fed up.

On this particular day, her lady owner took her out of the house in her cage.

She took her in the car to a football pitch.

There were people shouting and singing. Polly thought she was in heaven.

"The referees a w****r" she squawked. "Who are yah? Who are yah?"

Then the footballers came out on the pitch.

And to Polly's delight she heard the sweetest of sounds.


"PHEWWWWWW", trilled Polly.

Each time she heard the lovely sound, she answered it, like a dove cooing to its lover.

But Polly's joy soon turned to horror.

She was being sent off. Banned from the touchline. An outlaw and a renegade.

How could she ever live down the shame?

So Polly did the only thing an honourable parrot can do in such circumstances.

She swallowed her suicide trill.

And the moral of this tale girls?

There are always two sides to every story.

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