Saturday, 18 August 2007

A Christening Gift

I haven't been able to devote as much attention to football today as I might have wished. Especially after our rather shaky start to the season. Away at Crystal Palace today. We were in the lead until stoppages time, then they equalised to make it 2-2.

Lots of unhappy bunnies on the LCFC message board of course. Some cross with the team. Some with Martin Allen Some with those who were criticising them for losing the faith so early.

I feel a bit detached from it today as I have been otherwise engaged. I was at my granddaughter's christening so I did have a good excuse. I do feel disappointed though. A win would have been good. Seems as if our defence let us down again.

I didn't abandon the cause totally though. There are quite a few footy fans in the family. Chatted to one of them, John, who was interested to hear I supported The Foxes. He even managed not to make too many disparaging remarks. Mind you he is a Bristol Rovers fan so he'd have been on dodgy ground.

Anyway despite the horrible weather it was a lovely day (thanks for asking). And of course when no-one was looking I took my little granddaughter to one side and whispered "Leicester City till we die" in her ear. She is only 7 months old but it's never too early is it. What better christening gift.


Jungle VIP said...

I smell trouble ahead.

CunningFox said...

I'm taking the same approach with our grandson, aged 8 months. He has the new Leicester kit and I've been teaching him to say "blue army". So far though all I get back is a smile and a gurgle.