Sunday, 5 August 2007

It Ain't What You Do

I have to confess to some initial disappointment when I heard that we lost 1-3 against Portsmouth at The Walkers yesterday. You know how it is. The optimism and excitement of a new season looming, not to mention the general sense of expectation about the Mandaric/Allen partnership.

But then I remembered that Portsmouth is a Premiership Club - finishing ninth in the League last season. And when I read the match report on the official Leicester website it did seem as though there had been some good play on our part and that the score did not truly reflect the match. Indeed, David James, the Portsmouth goalie, is described as making "world-class saves" against Hume, Campbell and Wesolowski in the second half, (Hume having scored our first goal early in the match).

Of course ultimately the play will be judged by the fans. In the words of the wise one, Fitz, on Talking Balls;

"at least this time out the squad he is playing with are actually a bunch of 'footballers' and not a bunch of wankers who couldn't care what the team does"

I guess that proves this to be true.


Lady in red said...

If the opposition goalie has to make brilliant saves then the strikers must be doing something right

Georgina Best said...

Have you thought about becoming a Leicester fan? We're on the up!