Friday, 17 August 2007

Football At The Sharp End

I went to the hairdressers this evening to have my roots done. As you do.

Anyway for those not accustomed to the intricacies of disguising the odd silver thread it involves having the bottom inch (closest to your head) of your hair painted all over then "cooking" for about 35 minutes.

I reached for the copy of Cosmopolitan as I had forgotten to take my book as intended, when without warning my hand developed a mind of its own and I found myself holding a football magazine.

Eek! How did that happen?

My hairdresser said "Oh football" in a very surprised voice.

I said "Yes - are you interested?"

She said " A bit"

I said "Who do you support?"

She said "Arsenal. How about you?"

Now here is the dilemma. There is a woman standing behind me with a pair of very sharp scissors. Within seconds she will be going to work on my hair which has been growing into a longer style in the last 15 months with considerable sacrifice on my part. Do I tell her who I support? Does she look as if it is a subject of passion for her? Or do I deny my team?

I said "I support Leicester City"

She smiled politely but there was no sign of aggression.

Actually I'm not entirely convinced she had ever heard of us. How cutting.


Jungle VIP said...

Rock and Roll. See....she supported a bloody prem crap is that ?

Thing is GB.......there is one club in the whole of the football league hated (I would argue) more than LUFC. And that, seweet girl is "The Arse"

Correct me if I'm wrong readers ?


Georgina Best said...

Don't tell my son!

Jungle VIP said...

Hey....have a look at this.....dedication or what


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a nice Arse

Just be sure that it is a lifelong dedication, a passion, a memory and a future. Football is not a passing phase, not just a learning experience, not just a fashion.

Georgina Best said...

I'ts worming its way into me despite my best efforts. Scarey!