Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Spice Up That Anthem

I turned the radio on this evening at 8pm just in time to hear this and then this.

Now it may be because I am an atheist republican but the English national anthem really doesn't do it for me. In fact to me it sounds more like this. I know there are some who would prefer this. But I'm afraid I don't like that either. Smacks too much of imperialism.

Question is what to have instead. Well I don't dislike this. In truth though I am probably not the best person to choose. I simply don't have that 'national' thing going on.

If it did have a hand in what was played at the start of an English football international though I would definitely rock things up a bit. Here are some suggestions:

Imagine one of those ringing out at the next world cup.

There are of course those who think football and rock should never mix.

I can't say I agree. I think it just needs a little creativity and imagination.

What about a WAGs performance of this to put the wind up the opposition? Led of course by our very own Mrs Beckham.


CunningFox said...

Of course there is always the Sex Pistol's version of God save The Queen!

Georgina Best said...

Never mind the b******s. Lets go for it!

Jungle VIP said...

I like this. Little Elvis C had something to do with it and it has something of a Hymn about it.