Monday, 20 August 2007

Tonight Matthew, I'm Going To Be .........

........ anyone but Rob Styles.

Everywhere I have been today there has been talk of him. On my Roberts as I was straightening my fringe this morning. On the car radio as I was driving to a meeting. In the newspaper I read at a motorway service station on the way home.

Why? Well it would seem that he made a slightly dodgy decision yesterday. Actually major gaff would be a better description. As a result he has been dropped as a referee for the coming weekend.

Which leaves me with some questions I have to say. Is his ban a punishment? If so then do we assume he did it on purpose? If it is not a punishment then we can assume that the incident is the result of incompetence. In which case how is a one match ban going to improve his performance?

My advice to him is to use the time to undertake some refresher referee training. And if he is short of the registration fee, I reckon he would stand a good chance of getting some sponsorship from these people.


Lady in red said...

oh no hes from my neck of the woods :-(

Jungle VIP said...

nice twist in the tail girl.....JVIP

Georgina Best said...

A conquest Lady in Red?