Monday, 6 August 2007

Dark Little Secrets

I'm very excited. I got my LCFC shirt through the post today. And a sticker for my car. I'm really in business now.

It's an important thing you know - this loyalty business. I probably couldn't claim to have Leicester City stamped through my bones like some of the fans but I could not imagine swapping my allegiance now. Those little Foxes really do seem to have won my heart!

So it is perhaps not surprising that I get a bit miffed if I think someone is taking the p***. Such as in this Guardian article for example. A real 'snake in the grass' attempt to smear our beloved leaders, without of course any real substance. Disappointingly, it is by a woman, Anna Kessel.

Well let me tell you darling, we don't need your insinuations about 'sinister whispers' and snide inferences that Martin Allen's biggest impact has been on the flower beds. If you want a decent story about dodgy dealings and shady pedigree, try Manchester City or Leeds United. You won't have to try hard. Just saves you having to make it up.

Meantime, in other much more interesting news, I had lunch with a friend today. During the course of our conversation it emerged that she is a lifelong LEEDS FAN!! Can you imagine! Talk about nearly choke on your white chocolate and gingerbread ice cream! Still I suppose we all have our dark little secrets - apart from Milan of course.

"Milan, there's only one Milan"


Jungle VIP said...

Georgy Porgey

I do detect a note of passion creeping into this blog of yours.

You seem to know about foxes, cats and bears. But do you believe in "Mad Dogs" as Anna has it.

If only you had someone who could do this

Great Post


Lady in red said...

ah I hadn't realised that Martin Allen was at Leicester too, he was also on the coaching staff at Pompey. I have not checked is he your manager ?

Georgina Best said...

He is.
"There's only one Martin Allen"

Lady in red said...

I believe there are two doesnt he have a son ?