Monday, 27 August 2007

Mud, Beer And Cartwheels

I've been away for a long weekend. Here doing this again. Great beer, great parties and great trails. Yesterday's was particularly good with lots of shiggy and a beer and coleslaw down down for me.

It's a bit like entering an alternative universe for a few days. I had little contact with the 'real' world until I received a text from my lover informing me that Leicester had beaten Watford 4 -1.

I looked suspiciously at my beer. Had I had too much already? Could that really be true?

So as soon as I got home today I looked on the Talking Balls message board. Here are some of the reactions:

Alex: I feel like dancing. What a result
Melton Fox: Brilliant second half performance
Homer: Feckin' wonderful stuff
Mike Hunt Smells: Excellent performance, I've not left the Walkers feeling that buzzing for a hell of a long time

So the fans are quite pleased then.

As for me. I'm doing this.

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Jungle VIP said...

Themz are sexy those ra ra skirts