Saturday, 11 August 2007

You Know When You've Been Tango'd

It would be fair to say that today has been a day to remember. Sadly not all the reasons are good.

It started this morning. I got up about 6.10am and went downstairs to make a cuppa, accompanied by Daisy my cat as usual. I could hear her at the bottom of the stairs, scratching the carpet, which I promptly told her to stop. Then she was skitting about on the floor chasing something. All of a sudden she made a really strange sound. I knew straight away something was very wrong and as I approached her she was laying on her side, took one more breath and was dead.

Heart attack - but what a shock at 6.20 in the morning. At least she didn't suffer though.

After I buried her and said my goodbyes I went out and about on my Virago to keep busy. Stopped for a bit in Marlborough where I was due to meet my lover. Went in to buy a coke, wearing, of course, my LCFC shirt (having changed out of my leathers).

Man behind the counter: "Oh you're the other Leicester supporter."
Me: "Why- do you support them?"
Man behind the counter: "No but his dad does" (pointing to young lad washing dishes)
Me: (to young lad washing dishes) "Your dad's got good taste. We should win today and we're going to do well this season"

Given the start to my day I should have guessed my optimism would not be rewarded.

1 -0 to Blackpool. I mean Blackpool! The Tangerines!

Reckon those Foxes were tango'd today.

I know how they feel.

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Jungle VIP said...

Sadness from the Bear. We play Man Utd this afternoon. 4pm kick off. My prediction is a draw. I'll be very happy with that.

I always hated that Tango advertisement. Thought it was tasteless and tacky. However, I think you've hit the spot and reckon you'll need a touch of know help you out.....

Love to soothe pain