Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Tips And Tricks

Now it may be that you are considering taking up football girls. Which is to be encouraged of course.

To help you out, today's post will be tips and tricks for budding footballers - girl style!

Rachel Yankey, England and Arsenal player, will assist me (see video links on right hand side of web page).

Passing and controlling the ball
  • Use the inside of your foot to control and pass the ball
  • Stay on your toes
  • Make an 'L' shape
  • Move into space

  • Use the inside, outside and sole of your foot
  • Bend your knees
  • Stay low
  • Head up
  • Use both feet
  • Control the ball
  • Vary your speed
  • Once past the defender speed up

  • Use the laces part of your shoe to kick
  • Use your whole body
  • Shoot at the corners of the goal
  • Aim across the goal
  • Watch the ball

  • Keep your eyes on the ball
  • Move feet quickly
  • Knee over the ball
When you have these mastered you will be able to move onto various 'tricks', such as the Cruyff Turn and the Stepover.

Sounds pretty straight forward to me. Off you go and practise.


Jungle VIP said...

Again, your conquest to be best.....f'nar f'nar beats me down in flooded flame.

Nice post. I'm told by Adrian Durham today that the Cantana Goal at wimbledon stands up to some scrutany....but the fabulous David Ginola should be studied assiduously.......and Durham's a twat usuallly....but today....I sort of agreed......go find ginola


Lady in red said...

you mised out headers......they hurt less if you move head towards the ball not ball to head. when in front of goal header down to score but up to defend

Georgina Best said...

Lady in red- Maybe headers are the next lesson

Anonymous said...

Found it helpful and will practice some (I'm 12 years old X)