Sunday, 22 April 2007

Fox In A Hole

When I read the story of this little fox earlier it made me think about our own little Foxes. They have certainly managed to get themselves into a hole in recent times.

But then is that really the whole picture? Maybe the journey towards the hole started further back. Like the little fox in the picture. He (for only a boy fox would have done such a stupid thing) must at some point have wandered off from the safety of his mother, his brothers and sisters and their lair and decided to have a little adventure of his own. His mother had told him to be careful and not to wander off and get lost or else he would get into danger. Only he forgot his mother's warnings. He forgot about danger. And he wandered gaily on his little foxy way, picking up a grub here, chasing a mouse there and generally having the time of his life.

And then bingo. He found this wonderful playground. He forgot all about his lair. He forgot all about his mother and brothers and sisters. He forgot all about danger. He started to play. But then all of a sudden he couldn't move. He was stuck. He was in danger. He might die.

What a good job he was found. It took them 2 hours to free him. The man who saved him, Filan Fanderic, said "I really care about foxes". And the little fox lived happily ever after.

And the moral of the story is - always listen to your mother.


Kay Richardson said...

I'm never going to put my head in a wheel after those photos. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nor me'll be a sticky end for any fow that gets complacent now

Georgina Best said...

kay richardson: Very wise.
How come you've got a girl's name by the way?

SS: You are right. No time for complacency