Friday, 20 April 2007

Rooting For Those Foxes

It's a big day tomorrow for The Foxes. They play Preston North End.

Preston North End sound a bit indecisive to me. For a start they couldn't seem to settle on one name. Should it be Preston? Or Preston North? Or North End? Oh lets have them all. They have four nicknames too - The Lilywhites, The Invincibles, North Enders and The Guild. Clearly they could not decide whether sanitary towels, puppets from Thunderbirds, characters from a dodgy northern soap opera or a firm of bouncers was most suitable.

Milan Madaric has arranged free buses to encourage the fans there. Everyone is going. Imagine the atmosphere. A day trip to Preston. You can see what they have got to look forward to here.

I'd like to be going myself of course. Unfortunately I have to have my roots done.

Fingers crossed for them though, eh.


Anonymous said...

Loved that drive around. Come on you foxes !

eric said...

Looks like we're safe then.

When's your first game?
I'll buy you a pint.

How long before you end up like this?

Check "On your knees nutter"

Anonymous said...

When are you going to give this up, Joe?

Georgina Best said...

SS: Bet you are glad you don't live in Preston!

Eric: Welcome. Great news eh. My first win today since becoming a fan!
Loved the post about Bernie.

Georgina Best said...

anonymous: You seem confused. Is Joe as foxy as me?