Saturday, 14 April 2007

Let's Be 'Avin' You

We play the Canaries today. Aka Norwich City football club. Wonder how it will be. I predict 1-1.

Of course there is more to this match than meets the eye. Obviously it is important because it is the first game with our new manager. Obviously it is important because we need to turn our fortunes around and move away from any possibility of relegation. Obviously it will be an important lift to Foxes fans if we win.

For Nigel Worthington, however, it has special meaning (although not special in a Jose sort of way of course). Norwich used to be the team he managed. Until he got fired for poor performance. When he left he said:

"I am a loyal person. I have been manager of this football club for six years when it has been absolutely tremendous. But my team will live to fight another day and I intend to live to fight another day as well. We all took the plaudits when things were going well, and I'll take the bullets when it is not going well. I'll miss the club, the lads, the fans and most importantly the wonderful city of Norwich. I'm leaving Norwich, but Norwich will never leave this old fool's heart."

Best you don't have it in your heart today Nige!

Of course Norwich was not without it's problems during his time there. Well known as the team most loved by librarians, it took an inspirational if slightly slurred speech from their "back-to-basics" cookery guru and director Delia Smith to even raise a cheer out of them.

Lets hope they have a bit more of a tune in them today. Come on Norwich - let's be 'avin' you!


Anonymous said...

Yes....again....exactly right. Delia is a bit of a screamer huh ?
Pity you lost. A pity. You've got to win at least one match before the end of the season to survive.

Georgina Best said...

We know! Eeek!