Wednesday, 11 April 2007

One Hump Or Two

How could I possibly have known when my alarm went off at 6am this morning that it was to be the start of a day full of drama. Of suspense and speculation. Of hope and disappointment. Of excitement and disbelief. Of confusion and more confusion.

That was a rhetorical question by the way. That means you don't have to answer it.

What am I talking about? Well Rob Kelly has been sacked as manager of The Foxes. Someone called Nigel Worthington has been appointed as an interim manager.

All the drama started with a text mid morning from my lover. "Kelly's been summoned". I immediately looked at the message board. It was buzzing. Over 160 people logged on. No-one seemed to have any proper insider info but rumours were rife. The next couple of hours comprised tense nail-biting and finger-crossing that Kelly's replacement would be someone I had at least heard of.

Then at about 1.15 I got another text. "It's Worthington".
"Whose Worthington? I asked out loud to anyone that might give me an answer. "He's our new manager".
"Oh that's Frank Worthington" says one of my colleagues. "Used to play for Arsenal".

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. For what hindsight tells me is that when such an assertion is made by someone that is a) a girl and b) knows possibly even less than me about football, then caution might be a worthwhile tactic. My eagerness to familiarise myself with our new manager as quickly as I could resulted in me throwing caution to the wind, however.

Thus it was that I spent half an hour googling Frank Worthington. Who of course used to be a footballer and indeed played for The Foxes for a while during his career. Hence why the penny took a while to drop.

Not that the appointment of Frank Worthington would have been without interest. His autobiography "One Hump Or Two" apparently "reflected his interest in the ladies". One reviewer of his book said "PC readers might frown at the sexist language and dodgy sex-as-football metaphors not to mention the salacious photographs of his second wife Carol".

Us? Frown at sexist language? As if!

Look forward to seeing what salacious offerings his namesake will bring to Leicester City.


Anonymous said...


I reckon the appointment of Mr Worthington may be a false step. However, I'm also taken with the departure of Mr Coleman from Fulham. In a small piece in the Soaraway Sun yesterday it emergered he had become subject to "revelations about his private life" Not sure what this all meant but I have the feeling they may have involved Titus Bramble


Georgina Best said...

JVIP: It is early days