Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The Horn And Other Things Exciting

Take a look at the picture.

Wanna know what that is?

Only two tickets to the Barnsley v Leicester game this Saturday!!

And they are mine. I'm taking my lover with me (well he is taking me actually because he is driving). We are going to leave early in the morning and take a gentle drive up. My lover suggested that we might stop for lunch somewhere but I said no because I want to be sure to keep some room for my Pukka pie.

I ordered a Foxes scarf at the weekend but they said it would take 7 days or more to come so I won't have it for Saturday (Aaahhhh!). Never mind.

I had better start swotting up. Learning the names of the players in our team. Learning the names of the Barnsley players. Learning what positions they all play in. And some songs of course.

I wonder what the Foxes will be wearing? Barnsley wear red so I am not sure if we wear our away kit automatically or only when the other team wear blue.

And apparently the team comes out to the post horn. That's what I read on the message board anyway. The fans have mixed views about it (predictably!). Some think it an important tradition to hang on to. Others would replace it with something more modern that meant something to the team.

Personally I think the sound of a hunting horn should spur those little foxes to run and use their heads to outsmart the hunters.

So I'm in the horn camp - although I haven't heard it yet of course so I reserve the right to change my mind if it is dire.

It's all very exciting.


Jungle VIP said...

As Peter Cook once had it "Kenneth Kendall gives me the horn"

eric said...

oooh now it's getting good.

here's a song for you

as the Barnsley goalie takes a a goal kick you build up a wooooooooohhhhhhhh and as he kicks you shout "twat! you're shit ahhhhhhh!!!!"

try it you'll like it, bet you can't do it without laughing.

shout 'em home