Thursday, 19 April 2007

Get Down And Dirty

There are those who might say that professional football is not what it was. There are those who might argue that it is positively sanitised on the pitch. Players have carefully coiffured hairstyles to keep in place, sponsorship logos to keep visible and a generally cool image to promote.

I am not suggesting that they never get muddy knees or even that their kit doesn't need the occasional wash. But its not unreasonable to say that it is probably not the most 'get down and dirty' experience in the sporting world.

Unlike Swamp soccer. Described as a "growing sport which takes as much out of the legs as it does out of the washing machine", and is played on boggy marshlands. It is an exhausting, demanding activity where delicate ball-control skills do little good". Players must stay mobile or face sinking.

As you can see here players get a bit grubby.

The rules are as follows:

  • Play is in two halves of 12 minutes
  • Teams consists of a goalkeeper and five outfield players, with a maximum squad of 12
  • Corner kicks, penalties and throw-ins are taken by drop kick
  • There is no offside rule
  • The playing area is smaller than a full-size pitch but larger than a five-a-side pitch
  • The penalty area must consist of a bog 16ft deep
  • Players are not allowed to change their shoes during the game
  • Unlimited substitutions are allowed
See a video here.

2007 sees the tenth anniversary of the World Championships in Finland (where the game originated) between July 12-15. Call +358 (0)8 748500 to book. Or maybe if there were enough of use we could hire a coach. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think this sort of thing would mostly appeal to a woman who likes to get down and dirty. I'm not sure that the more civilised members of our society would be persuaded to involve themselves in something so remeniscent of "Ebbly Full Moon"

Georgina Best said...

I rhink you don't know how good a thing is until you have tried it