Sunday, 15 April 2007

They Started It

Come closer girls. I've got a bit of goss!

There was me all set to do a post about what went wrong for Leicester City yesterday. How they need to focus upon a combination of motivation and focus and fitness. I was then going to talk about the semi-final match between Chelsea and Blackburn Rovers (I think) which amid high passion and drama ended with Chelsea 2 - 1 up after extra time.

Then I hear something much more interesting. A bit of scandal. For apparently, - come a bit closer, that's it - apparently, there has been some cheating going on. Can you believe it?!

There is this trick going on with the ballboys. When the ball goes out of play they are supposed to run after it and pass it back to the team that is putting it back into play. Putting it back into play can and should give an advantage to the team that does it. Rumour has it that the ballboys at The Walkers stadium are under instructions to pass that ball as quickly as possible when it The Foxes turn to throw it in, so that they can take their opponents by surprise. On the other hand if the ball is to go to the other team, they are to be as slow as they dare.

Well, it would seem that Norwich complained on Saturday. Which will mean Leicester City will get fined. And everyone will know they are cheats. Shameful!

On the fan message boards it says they have been fined for this before. Someone said that Cambridge United started it. Which of course presents a moral dilemma!

Should you refuse to stoop to such a level and play properly by the rules when your opponents do it to you and gain a distinct advantage? Or should you take the pragmatic view that if everyone else is doing it it is only reasonable to take action to give yourself an even chance? Or should you decide it is dog eat dog and try to come up with something even more cunning?

Answers on a postcard please to Georgina Best, c/o The Walkers Stadium, Leicester


Anonymous said...

I always adhere to the philosopy of.....those who live by the sword....etc


Georgina Best said...

And of course some die by it that don't live by it