Monday, 23 April 2007

He Tries His Best

Number 15 in the LCFC squad. Nils Eric Johansson. Although he seems also to be known as Nisse Johansson which I have to say I think I prefer. Not least because Nils sounds too much like you would never score a goal. Like Nil Point (you have to pronounce 'point' like the French though or it doesn't work).

Six foot one of meaty Swedish football player, who likes to play centre-half (we haven't covered positions yet but he is a defender).

And, it would seem, immortalised by a group of people called Dirty Frank, who describe themselves as "Leicester Rock and Roll legends". Forthcoming gigs include a garden party, a wedding party and a charity gig on a trailer.

Anyway, Dirty Frank have written and recorded a song called "Try My Best". This, according to Wikipedia, is based upon a 'throw away line" by Johansson who said "I try my best". Bless!!

It has of course occurred to me that the information on Wikipedia may not be correct. Or that it is a clever marketing plan by Dirty Frank.

If the latter, then as an intimate friend of mine would say - "Fair play to you".


Anonymous said...

Like this epitaph to dirty frank
There used to be a man in my town when i was a kid....called that....but that's another story.

This get's better every day little fox....go .....

Georgina Best said...

I think every town probably has a Dirty Frank of one sort or another