Saturday, 21 April 2007

Spot The Fan

Today has been a good day. It has been a good day for the following reasons:
  1. My roots are done
  2. The Foxes beat Preston 1 - 0
  3. The Foxes will not now be relegated
  4. The LCFC Under 18s team won the FA Premier Academy League Group B title (I have no idea what this means but it is a good thing I understand)
  5. I have made a new friend called Eric (see comments on previous post) who is going to buy me a drink when I go to my first match (I wonder if they sell real ale at the stadium)
Like I said - a good day.

I have been a Foxes fan for exactly one month and one day now. In that time I have experienced;
  • the excitement of my first match
  • the disappointment of losing
  • the drama of a manager sacked
  • the emotion of following the thoughts and feelings of the fans on the message boards
  • the enlightenment of being awestruck by The Walkers Stadium
  • the anxiety of facing relegation
  • the joy of winning
After all that I am wondering if I can now consider myself a proper fan. But then how do you define such a thing? Is it the number of matches that you have attended? Is it that you know lots of facts about the club and the players? Is it because you always know where they are in the league, how many points they have, how many they need to win or avoid relegation?

Or is it the level of passion you feel? Is it about how often you think about LCFC, the level of emotion you feel when they win or lose?

My new friend Eric has written about one particular LCFC fan, Bernie. I don't know that much about Bernie and neither does Eric. We don't know where he lives or what his life is like really. We don't know what makes him tick.

What we can both see is that he is a fan.

Maybe it is not something you can define. Maybe it is something you just know.


Anonymous said...

Goodness yes.....bernie looks both insane and scarey and cool too. He believes do you i think.....what more is there ?


Georgina Best said...

A kind of faith then