Thursday, 12 April 2007

The Gentle Touch

I rather recklessly decided to go for jog the night before last. Just for 20 mins or so. First time for about a month. And boy did I know it! My thighs are killing me today.

Which got me to thinking about sports injuries. It seems to be an occupational hazard for footballers. Sometimes they get injured during matches. Sometimes they get injured during training. Either way they rely upon good physiotherapists.

Obviously needing to see a physiotherapist is not a good thing. It means you have an injury. But it also means you get to have various body parts massaged. If it is your calf muscle then you can look forward to a firm but gentle rubbing of your lower leg. If it is a neck injury then gentle stroking and light massage are likely to be close behind. I'm not sure how groin injuries are treated though.

If there is a wayto apply physiotherapy to team spirit, passion, skill and self belief, I certainly hope Nigel Worthington knows how.

Whilst I wait to find out I'll think about a little physiotherapy for myself.


Anonymous said...

F'nar F'nar. Bring it on


Georgina Best said...

i wonder if their physiotherapy includes a b s and c