Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Old Or Young?

I have been thinking about positions. Football positions of course. What else?!

I don't know anything about football player's positions. Where they are allowed to go on the pitch and which positions are called what. So I asked my lover. He told me that the players can go anywhere they want according the rules of the game. Tactically players are more likely to be given an area of play to cover but in theory they can go anywhere.

And my lover also told me (for as he says he is very knowledgeable on the subject) that different teams and even different countries play very differently when it comes to positioning.

Which left me wondering (as you do), whether such tactics have changed over time. So I have been doing some research again. And I have found just the place to discover the answer to this. I'll leave you to decide whether you think there has been improvement over time or if the old values were the best

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Anonymous said...

What a thought.....the english behind the times ??

Man U were a lesson tonight.....guts v's cleverness, older v's younger.....a real test

Love the video