Saturday, 7 April 2007

Who Am I? Who Am I?

Who am I? I am Matty Fryatt. Aged 21. Number 12 in the LCFC squad. I am a striker.

Not to be confused with Matty Groves who was killed by a nobleman after being seduced by his wife. Poor little lamb.

Our Matty (born Matthew Charles) is just a bit younger than my own son, who doesn't play football but is the sweetest lad (and who will have something to say about what I have just done to his street cred if he ever reads this!)

According to his own website, Matty still lives at home with his parents and his favourite drink is milk shake. Bless!

Matty has been injured for the last couple of months. He made his comeback on Friday and scored a goal against Derby. Hooray that man!

It is believed Matty has further potential. He will just need to be careful not to cut himself shaving once he starts. Otherwise he will have to miss more matches due to injury.


Anonymous said...

And he plays for England under 21's alongside my very own Leroy Lita. Fair play to him

Georgina Best said...

Is that like Lolita?

Anonymous said...

George't think so.....unless he's suddenly grown a punani