Tuesday, 17 April 2007

A Little Bit Of Magic

I don't know what to say. The Foxes played again tonight. The Foxes lost again tonight. 1 - 2 (Revision tip: Always put the home team's score first, even if it is lower and sounds funny)

To be fair, they were playing Birmingham. And to be even more fair, Birmingham are at the top of the Championship. So it was always going to be a tough match.

Unfortunately I didn't get to listen to the game as I was out, although I got my lover to text me progress. So since I got home I have been reading the message boards.

It's a sorry tale. Some are just giving up hope and think we are doomed to relegation. Some just feel really sad. A few are angry. And some others are very worried but see signs of hope. They say the team played really well during the last 20 minutes. They say they really tried hard. That's the best I have heard since I became a loyal and trusty fan of those little Foxes.

We are in trouble. There is no doubt about that. But something seems to be happening. There is a sparkle of magic. Maybe the players will be caught in the spell. Maybe they will capture the spirit of football. Just long enough to keep us in the Championship at least.



Anonymous said...


"It's a funny old game" as Greavsie used to say. (look him up)
A particularly fine commentator on the game in my view.More importantly, one of the best english strikers of all time. Recovering Alcoholic and all round smashing guy.....in his own way.

I think you're right. last night's match will have given them heart. They can take a lot of positives from the performance and Mr Worthington, such as he is, will motivate them to higher things....maybe. And that's the question.....is the manager good enough ? Foxes fans have the view Wothington's a bit of a donkey ? From what I heard. But maybe you, or your readers know different ? I'd like to hear ?


Georgina Best said...

Maybe it is too early to decide