Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Jurrasic Park

"She talks a good game, but the verdict is split ..." was the headline on page 72 of the Daily Mail today.

Before I get into the story though, let me just explain about the Daily Mail. I would not want you to think I make a habit of purchasing newspapers. I can't remember the last time I bought one. But I heard this story on Five Live and decided to follow it up. Research. Oh and of course I did take the time to read the write-up on Leicester's game yesterday. But that was by the by.

So back to the story. What is this - "Da da da da dadadadada da da da da da da"? Answer - the Match Of The Day song. A programme all about football. And for 43 years the sole domain of the boys when it came to commentating. Until now.

They are going to let a girl do it! Hurrah!!

But just as the first sign of the sun brings out all those puny white chested men and women with fantastic suntans that deny going anywhere near a sunlamp, this wonderful piece of news has brought out the dinosaurs. The timid ones say things like "I'm indifferent to the issue" (Simon Jordan, Crystal Palace Chairman) and "the problem she has is that she is the first" (Barry Davies, BBC Commentator). Steve Curry, Junior Brontosaurus at Sportsmail appears to find this a threat to a world of perfect order, where he listens to "the controlled commentaries of John Motson, Mike Ingram and Alan Green", fearing this will be replaced by "a new arrival whose excited voice sounds like a fire siren".

Mr T Rex himself, Dave Basset, ex-premiership manager (the "ex" being a clue to his dinosaur status) not only thinks women commentators some sort of abomination, but says he never really agreed that we should have women officials. Oh and his wife agrees. Must be true then.

Never mind. We all know what happened to the dinosaurs.


Anonymous said...

But then, someone re-invented them....sure it was Speilberg...but none the less, it is a possibility they could arise again. I say, good luck to her. And you know how fastidious I am about football


Georgina Best said...

Very gracious of you SS