Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Who Ate All The Pies?

Of course if I had chosen to become a Manchester United fan I would be celebrating tonight. They beat Roma (an Italian side) 7 - 1. Very good. That'll teach their police to beat up our fans.

Now then, just imagine if that was Leicester. And I was there. At the Walkers Stadium. My first match.

I'd have rung ahead of course to make sure they got some of those Pukka Pies suitable for vegetarians. And that they sold hot chocolate as well as bovril. I would be wearing my Leicester home strip shirt, with a number 7 and GEORGINA written on the back. I would have an LCFC scrunchie in my hair and a Leicester City scarf around my neck. I would buy a programme but not use it so that it would stay nice and clean as a keepsake. And I would have warmed up my voice on the way up in the car so that I could join in the singing when it started.

Of course the alternative would be to bring up the Guardian Unlimited website so I could monitor the score, open a bottle of Kriek beer, munch my way through 2 flakes and a mars bar and slightly defer gratification around a tube of smarties (about 10 minutes).

Which would you choose?


Jeff said...

You're in luck, they do sell vegetarian Pukka cheese and onion pasties at the Walkers Stadium.

But if you're a vegetarian you shouldn't be eating mars bars and smarties (the red ones anyway), they're not veggie friendly.

Georgina Best said...

Jeff - welcome. I will never eat a red smartie again. But mars bars.......... ooh ......

Anonymous said...

Jeff knows his onions. I'd always go to the game unless something sweeter was involved